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An odd girl that wants to go places. She just hasn't decided where yet.

I’m really just fond of things being simple and straightforward. Things are not like that in some aspects of my life right now and it’s kind of confusing. I believe I’m intelligent and levelheaded enough to reason most things out and I usually do, but this is a little different. Or perhaps my emotions are just making things a little bit hazy.
Things are weird.
It makes me a bit sad.
Especially since my wifi went out and I can’t just carelessly cope by streaming sad songs.
Either way, I need to get to the bottom of this.

There is a Miley concert tonight and I will not be in attendance

fuck you for thinking you only have to talk to me when it’s most convenient for you

Hey tumblr
Cars are boring

Hey tumblr
Cars are boring

I think I’m just dumb

Just today, my mother and I had a conversation about how I tend to be more confident than the average girl my age. I attribute it to the fact that I am blessed with the nature of not dwelling on anything. I’m just apathetic enough and am completely content with myself.

It’s strange for me, then, to suddenly experience such a dreadful feeling from something so uncertain and insignificant.

I just like to be aware—to know exactly what’s happening. I haven’t seen that here so far. I cannot tell if I’m overthinking it. Should I just go with what’s happening or should I inquire?

Feelings like this in me are few and far between. I can’t imagine how many girls that care or think more about these things function properly.

ya know how to make me feel like shit in 0-5 seconds

Glad I could prove myself pretty damn useless there

Too often many of us are so repulsed by the awful things that are happening around us that we forget to acknowledge what is wonderful.
It’s so easy to let the negative overshadow the positive. We generally just expect the good things that happen in life. It’s so essential that we realize we’re entitled to nothing. Everything is or has already been earned. Be gracious. Remember that life is pretty 50/50 in dishing out the good and the bad. And please, in the face troublesome times, open up your mind and let these experiences to highlight the good that is present.

I have had literally the worst week
I am sad
Why am I the suffer in silence type
Sometimes life is shit

I’m sad and lonely

i cant breathe

help I need you to validate me existence by reblogging and writing in my ask

Sometimes you get on tumblr and see a post that is so obscene and strange that you can’t not reblog it

For someone who really hates to be cancelled on or be stuck at home with no one willing to talk to them, this seems to be my state a lot